Bordeaux Investment Wines have consistently outperformed Gold, Oil, The Stock Market, Property and many other forms of investment for over 60 years.

Bordeaux Investment Wines are free from UK taxes so there is no Duty, VAT, Capital Gains or Income Tax to pay when buying or selling your wine.

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Watch Bordeaux Investment Wine related videos from channels like the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and many other sources of reliable information.

We have compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions covering facts about investment wine, the vinyards, security and other useful information.

All our Bordeaux Investment Wines are stored in the EHD London No1 Bond Ltd warehouse. With many years of experience there is no safer place to store your wine.

Welcome To Bordeaux Investment Wines

Here at Bordeaux Investment Wines we use our many years of experience in fine wine to produce portfolios of highly desirable fine wines as a lucrative tax free investment for our clients.

Records going back decades show that Bordeaux Investment Wine has remained the steadiest form of investment even outperforming gold and oil. This is mainly due to the fact that its value remains mostly unaffected by recession, interest rates and the stock market.

The continuous rise in the value of Bordeaux Investment wines is simply due to global demand and limited supply. Since the law of appellation controlee in 1855, each vineyard is restricted by the amount they can produce to guarantee a certain level of quality.

Over time the price of Bordeaux investment wine is continuously being pushed higher and higher as more and more of a particular vintage diminishes from supply either being consumed or held in bond as a lucrative tax free investment.


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