Welcome To Bordeaux Investment Wines

Here at Bordeaux Investment Wines we use our many years of experience in fine wine to produce portfolios of highly desirable fine wines as a lucrative tax free investment for our clients.


Chateau Lafite Rothschild


Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate Fine Wine as a properly managed investment can offer very good returns in a low risk and stable market.

What Sets Us Apart

Bordeaux Investment Wines was set up by a team of experienced brokers looking to provide the best quality service at competitive prices without the pressurised sales tactics often used in this industry. We are happy to offer free impartial advice to both new and experienced investors including helping those that have been miss managed by other brokerages.    

We believe in nurturing clients into investing in fine wine using facts and figures rather than hard sales techniques.

We want our clients to buy from us with confidence so we offer all potential clients face to face no obligation meetings in order to give peace of mind in knowing exactly who you are dealing with. Transparency is key and we make every effort to demonstrate to our clients exactly how we operate and exactly who we are and what we stand for.

All the wines we sell are transferred into our clients own personal accounts with EHD London No1 Bond Ltd giving peace of mind in knowing that full ownership is entirely their own with no obligation to sell through us at a later date should they prefer to sell their wine through other brokerages.

We know our existing clients are happy with our advice, our service and their investments and will choose to sell their wines through our brokerage with confidence in knowing we will do our utmost to gain the best possible price for their wine.  

In summary if you would like to contact us to find out more about how we operate and the wines we sell please feel free to contact a member of our team on: 020 7183 7555 or email: info@bordeauxinvestmentwines.co.uk

Bordeaux Investment Wines – Happy to help

Choosing the right wine

Using our many years of experience and vast knowledge of the fine wine market we specialise in acquiring only the very finest of wines those only with a Robert Parker score of 92-100 points.
“Anything bearing a Robert Parker score of 90 points or more is sure to be a sound investment” – Evening Standard

Using a multitude of performance graphs and market data, we carefully select only wines that show a history of strong performance. Consistency is key. We source wines only from the very best Chateau's, those that have shown a solid track record and are renowned for producing the world’s finest and most expensive wine, going back as far as the 1800’s and earlier.

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