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Chateau Ausone is a Bordeaux wine from Saint-Émilion appellation, one of only four wines, along with Chateau Angélus, Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Pavie to be ranked Premier Grand Cru Classé (A) in the Classification of Saint-Émilion wine. Chateau Ausone is located on the Right Bank of France’s Bordeaux wine region in the Gironde department, close to the town of Saint-Émilion.

Chateau Ausone also produce a second wine named Chapelle d'Ausone.

Placed on the western edge of 11th century village Saint-Émilion, with elevated vineyards facing south on steep terraces in ideal situation, Chateau Ausone takes its name from Decimius Magnus Ausonius (310–395 AD), a statesman and poet from Bordeaux who owned about 100 acres (0.40 km2) of vineyard. It is believed by some that Chateau Ausone is on the foundations of his villa.

The modern estate can be dated to the 18th century, when it was owned by Jean Cantenat. Later, under the ownership of the Lafargue family, Chateau Ausone was inherited by Edouard Dubois who steered the chateau through the difficulties of the late 19th century, and in 1916 added the adjacent Chateau Belair to their estate. The chateaux were run separately, although both age their wine in the Ausone cellars, caves in the limestone cliffs beneath the town of Saint-Émilion. After Dubois died in 1921, his widow Heylette Dubois-Challon and Dubois' children of a previous marriage who married into the Vauthier family took control over the estate.

Chateau Ausone was one of a few estates which escaped the terrible frost of 1956, unlike its neighbour Cheval Blanc that lost several years' vintages. Other neighbours suffered the destruction of their vines. Despite being one of the great names of Bordeaux, Chateau Ausone fell into decline until Pascal Delbeck was appointed winemaker in 1976.

For several years Chateau Ausone was jointly owned by the Dubois-Challon and Vauthier families. After an unsettling time, feuding in the courts was brought to an end when the Vauthiers bought the Dubois-Challon shares in the mid-1990s. Alain Vauthier became managing director of Chateau Ausone, while Heylette Dubois-Challon won the right to live at the chateau until her death in 2003.

Michel Rolland was appointed consultant oenologist in 1995.



Surface area: 17.3 acres

Grape Varieties: 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Franc 

Average age of vines: 50 - 55 years

Density of plantation: 6,000 - 7,8000 vines per hectare

Average yields: 35 hectoliters per hectare

Average cases produced: 1,800 per year

Plateau of maturity: 5 - 100 years 


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Point Score

Chateau Ausone 1990 91
Chateau Ausone 1991 N/A
Chateau Ausone 1992 80
Chateau Ausone 1993 85
Chateau Ausone 1994 86
Chateau Ausone 1995 93
Chateau Ausone 1996 93
Chateau Ausone 1997 97
Chateau Ausone 1998 94
Chateau Ausone 1999 95
Chateau Ausone 2000 98
Chateau Ausone 2001 98
Chateau Ausone 2002 95
Chateau Ausone 2003 100
Chateau Ausone 2004 94
Chateau Ausone 2005 100
Chateau Ausone 2006 98
Chateau Ausone 2007 94
Chateau Ausone 2008 98
Chateau Ausone 2009 98
Chateau Ausone 2010 98
Chateau Ausone 2011 96-100

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