The selection and cost-effective sourcing of the wines is undertaken using three key criteria:  

1. Appelation d’ Origine Controlee:
Appelation d’origine Controlee Laws in Bordeaux limit the amount of wine a vineyard can produce. This law was put in place in 1936 to ensure the quality of the wine produced remains high and the market isn’t flooded with mass produced poorer quality wine. We only deal with wines governed by this law known as AOC wines.

2. Robert Parker Jnr score:
The wines he has scored 90+ have proven to be very strong performers. As the most influential man in the world of fine wine Robert Parker has a very strong influence on the fine wine market. In order to ensure high returns, we only deal with wines he has scored 92+ “Anything bearing a Robert Parker score of 90 points or more is sure to be a sound investment” – Evening Standard

3. Consistent Performance: 
Using a multitude of performance graphs and market data, we carefully select only wines that show a history of strong performance. Consistency is key. We source wines only from the very best Chateau's in Bordeaux. Chateau's that have shown a solid track record and are renowned for producing the world’s finest and most expensive wine, going back as far as the 1600’s and beyond.


Once a wine purchase has been agreed upon, you will be sent a wine reservation form to secure the wine in your name. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer, credit or debit card. When using a credit or debit card we can immediately start your portfolio. However if all funds required are not available, we are happy to take a 10% deposit to hold the wines in your name. We offer up to 28 days to settle the balance.


We will transfer your wine once your own storage account is opened with EHD London No1 Bond Ltd in your name. Once the wine has been transferred not only do you have the relevant paperwork proving full ownership, you also have physical possession of the wine. See our storage page for full details.


Depending on you requirements, your account manager will be in contact monthly or quarterly providing a valuation of your wine. We will provide you with a written annual statement at the end of the first quarter of each year. If you require an ‘on-the-spot’ valuation please do not hesitate to give us a call.



When you want to make adjustments to your portfolio or release any gains, one of our specialised wine brokers will use their expertise to ensure you achieve the optimum value on your investment. As the price we achieve for our clients directly affects the amount of commission we earn every possible effort is made to ensure we sell the wine for the very maximum amount possible.

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