Questions & Answers

  • Why invest in wine?
    Over the last two decades wine has consistently outperformed all other investment areas, including the stock market, gold, oil and property. Wine that falls under our strict criteria has never failed to increase in value over any given five year period going back over fifty years.


  • How do I know my investment is secure?
    When purchasing wine from Bordeaux Investment Wines, your own account with EHD London No1 Bond Ltd is set up and your wine transferred, meaning not only do you have the relevant paperwork proving ownership, you also have physical possession of the wine.


  • How do I know my wine will perform?
    We only select wines with a solid track record over decades or more. Only those that have shown consistent high returns and have a Robert Parker score of over 92 points. “Anything bearing a Robert Parker score of 90 points or more is sure to be a sound investment” – Evening Standard


  • How long will it take to sell my wine when I want to realise my investment?
    In most cases it takes 1-3 days to sell your wine and transfer the funds. For us to cover ourselves under all eventualities we ask for a period of two weeks so we can achieve optimum value for your wine.


  • How do I know you will get me the best price when selling my wine?
    We are a performance related brokerage, our brokerage fee is 10% of just the profit your wine makes. This means we will always do our upmost to ensure we achieve the highest price possible for your wine, as the price we sell at directly affects how much we earn.


  • How much money do I need to get involved?
    The initial investment amount can simply be the price of a single case of wine. We do recommend a varied portfolio in order to spread the investment across a selection of different wines.


  • How will I know if my wine is performing?
    Your dedicated highly experienced wine broker will be in touch on a monthly basis, and will keep you informed as to how your wine is performing. At any point you may also request a portfolio report by way of post or email, detailing exactly how much money your portfolio is worth at any given time.


  • What makes the price of fine wine increase?
    The wine market is simply driven by supply and demand. The supply of fine wine is very limited, vineyards producing fine wine only produce from 2,000 to 22,000 cases in any given year. As these wines are purchased and removed from the open market the price of the remaining wine increases in value. With constant and growing global demand, over time the wine produced becomes more and more scarce and over a relatively short period becomes difficult to acquire and in turn very expensive.


  • Who is Robert Parker and why is he so important?
    Wines graded by Robert Parker of over 90 points have consistently shown high returns for the last three decades. He has tremendous influence in the fine wine market and literally has the power to make or break a vineyards entire production. We only deal with wines that he has graded 92 points or above for this very reason. As quoted in The Evening Standard newspaper ‘Anything bearing a Robert Parker score of 90 points or more is sure to be a sound investment’


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